Plastic Soldier Get Things Fired Up For 10mm Battlegroup Northag

April 7, 2020 by brennon

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Plastic Soldier Company has been previewing some options which are dropping soon for Battlegroup Northag. If you want to approach World War III in 10mm scale then you'll soon have a bunch of new kits to tinker around with. Before all that though, a new rulebook is on the way soon.

Northag Rulebook - Plastic Soldier

Battlegroup is a ruleset which seems to have gone down well with everyone I have ever talked to about it and has covered a lot of World War II in the past. Now things are moving forwards into the 1980s and offering up a different take on the Cold War period. Supporting the new rulebook you'll also find a British Starter Army which will have you preparing for the Soviet advance.

Northag British Starter Army - Plastic Soldier

This Starter Army is also going to be supported by a range of smaller packs including one which features the iconic Chieftain Tanks. These smaller-scale models are looking good so far and it seems like they haven't lost much in the way of detail.

Northag British Chieftain Troop - Plastic Soldier

As well as the British, you're also going to have some alternative options to pick up as well. The"big bad" in this scenario is the Soviet Union and they are going to be rolling out in force too with the likes of a T-64 Company...

Northag Soviet T-64 Company - Plastic Soldier

...and also the similarly iconic BTR-60 Company too. This is just a snapshot of things which are to come, designed using their new Ultracast material.

Northag Soviet BTR-60 Company - Plastic Soldier

The Cold War Gone Hot seems to be a focal point for a lot of wargaming at the moment, at least over the last year or so. I think people enjoy the "what if?" scenario that it brings into play and allows those building armies to not only tinker with historical detail but also expand and play around with alternative set-ups too.

Since the larger conflict never happened you have a licence for different forces to join up and maybe turn on their former allies.

What do you think about the offerings so far for Northag?

"What do you think about the offerings so far for Northag?"

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