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Game Design – Tabletop Boat Combat Prototype

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Project Blog by DreadlordDon

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About the Project

I am trying my hand at writing a skirmish game of aquatic combat in a post climate crisis world. Hopefully hear I can track my progress as well as share drafts and other game relevant files.

This Project is Cancelled

Core Concepts and Gameplay Loops

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Welcome to my game design project!

I am currently prototyping a miniatures game of aquatic combat set in the near future after the global climate crisis has continued to drown the world. Players will control one of the many boats that raid these drowned zones, clashing over precious resources and territory.

Here are the core tenants that I want to build the game up:

  1. The game should play in less than an hour in a 3′ x 3′ area
  2. Players simultaneous plan the turn’s movements via dials to keep turns quick
  3. Players wager their fuel to take turn priority and perform more complex maneuvers
  4. Collisions and combat are simple dice rolls via the attacker, no defense or armor die rolls to slow down the game
  5. When a player’s vehicle is destroyed they take control of the boards neutral elements such as aggressive fauna or automated defenses. Early defeat should not mean a lack of fun.

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