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Manda’s (Amachan) SAGA Mercenaries

Manda’s (Amachan) SAGA Mercenaries

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About the Project

In this project I will be going over the many mercenary units that I will make for the various ages of SAGA.

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Mercenary Hoplites.

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Mercenary Hoplites.

This is my unit of mercenary hoplites for SAGA: Age of Hannibal.

The models used for these are the Hoplites in Mixed Armours and Helmets 1 (HOP02) and the Hoplites in Padded Armour (HOP03) from Aventine Miniatures. They are mounted on 20mm square bases and I used my Greek paint scheme to paint these.

Paint scheme

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For the paint scheme for my mercenaries I will be using the paint scheme defined in my historical SAGA projects. I will use the paint scheme most fitting to where the mercenaries come from. The same will count for the bases. For example for Greek mercenaries I will use my Greek/Epirote paint scheme.

What is this project?

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This is a supplemental project to my historical SAGA projects. In here I will show the mercenary units that I have painted for SAGA and I will list for what age they are made. Listed below are all my historical SAGA projects.

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