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3D Printed guardsman

3D Printed guardsman

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Project Blog by wrusher Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

I fancied something a little different to print and paint, as I usually just do dungeon crawler stuff to play with mates once in a blue moon. Saw some lovely sculpts from the Red makers that a lot of people have been printing lately and grabbed one of their free models to have a go at. It turned out quite well I thought...

This Project is Completed

To Begin...

Tutoring 10
Skill 12
Idea 11

I started with an airbrush primer of dark grey with a white ink zenithal highlight.

Then basecoat with Army Painter speed paints (I like them for the strong colours).

I then gave it a coat of AK interactives’ streaking grime

Next Up

Tutoring 9
Skill 9
Idea 8
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I cleaned off most of the streaking grime and began highlights. I wanted to go for a grim dark look so decided to give it a snow base, but with a very dirty look.

A mix of PVA, White Liquitex ink, and Bicarbonate of Soda over the base, with some on the underside of the mount and the rider’s greatcoat.

But I wanted to go dirty so I speckled a mix of black and burnt umber oil wash over the very white mix (using a speckling brush or whatever they are called) to make it look suitably grubby.

The finished chap

Tutoring 7
Skill 9
Idea 10
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This was also my first time using a wet pallet… which was needed in the searing heat the UK has at the moment.

This was most of my paints used…

And here he is…

Do excuse the rubbish photograpy