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Rise of the Democracy: A Painters Dream

Rise of the Democracy: A Painters Dream

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About the Project

I have been Commission painting full time for about a year now and have taken on lots of varied jobs for people. Off the back of a Necromunda order for an Escher gang, one client asked me to paint his Atlanticans for Bot War. Well I have been a fan of the models for a while but did not have the opportunity to grab some for myself so jumped at the chance. I enjoyed them so much I joined the Bot War Facebook group for Bot War and Anthony, traders galaxy's owner asked if I could do some painting for him. Of course I agreed and painted a huge amount of COILS models including the awesome Conspiracy model. Following this, we discussed him new 30mm game; Rise of the Democracy and I was commissioned to paint the whole line released to date plus future releases in the pipeline. This is a record of my progress so far. If you're interested in the miniatures shown here then visit the below link for Traders Galaxy online store. The rules and cards for Rise of the Democracy are free!

This Project is Active

New Wave of releases for Rise of the Democracy

Tutoring 4
Skill 5
Idea 4
Veznekhod in 28mmVeznekhod in 28mm

28mm version of the Veznekhod from Bot War. These 28mm versions of the Bot War miniatures are fantastic. 3d printed on demand I believe.

Phoenix from Max Starr's Special Branch Phoenix from Max Starr's Special Branch

Atlantis Rises

Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 6
Atlantican Miniatures from Rise of the Democracy.Atlantican Miniatures from Rise of the Democracy.

Atlantis Rises in this update. The evil King Gills and his retinue.

King Gills

Duke Aquarius


Captain Sargon and Atlantican Royal Guard

Baron Nautilus and Atlantican Heavy Infantry

Red Star Nation: Plus an incredible special offer from Traders Galaxy

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 6
Red Star Nation Full RosterRed Star Nation Full Roster

So, Big reveal. If anyone has been following my project they will recognise that I have at last revealed the shaded out photo from my earlier post.


This…… Is the Red Star in glorious 28mm scale. And they’re fantastic miniatures. Full of character and pretty decent in game too (although playtesting is still continuing apace on the current iteration) with heaps of excellent details that really set them in a fictional 1980’s Soviet Russia.

Here we have Colonel Yuri, General Melkov, a Cyborg Legionnaire and the special character Cyborg Legionnaire OYH46.

Absolute pleasures to paint. And they certainly look the part of Soviet style faction fighting in the snow.

Foot Soldiers of the Red Star.

Ratnikovs Guard

Rostivachs Spetznaz

Corporal Mosievs Ice Guard

These guys are by no means the last of the Red Star miniatures to come. Coming up are 28mm versions of the Raptorborgs ?. Can’t wait to put some paint on them!


Anyway, Traders Galaxy are having a special offer for the current range of Red Star Miniatures till the 24th August. One of each of the whole current range in a bundle that is $120 dollars! That’s half price from buying these miniatures full price and separately. I have provided a link at the bottom of the post and I do recommend that you check them out.

Evil (ish) Foot Soldiers......

Tutoring 9
Skill 12
Idea 10
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COILS and Democracy first waveCOILS and Democracy first wave

Here’s the foot soldiers for the COILS as well as a Mongoose ATV and Viper assault vehicle.

This completes the first wave of COILS and Democracy for Rise of the Democracy. Upcoming models will be Red Star and Atlanticans. But I may leave them for next week.


In the second wave, we have COILS RPG and Flamethrower Squads, more characters and the Bots, Ghost, Mineshaft and Tunneler in 30mm scale! For Democracy we have more characters, Green Berets and the Valiant Not, Agis.

All Bot models will also have their alternative versions. Lots more upcoming and I’ll also cover the game rules and stats.

You can't escape my COILS! ?

Tutoring 8
Skill 12
Idea 10
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General Venom, Houndmaster with Lockjaw and Steeljaw and LaserGeneral Venom, Houndmaster with Lockjaw and Steeljaw and Laser

Faction switch today. This time it’s time for the Snake Corps secret labs organisation COILS to take the field.

General Venom is the man in charge of the COILS armed forces. Ruthless and maniacal.

Houndmaster is a cybernetically enhanced warrior. Changed through Bot technology to become a fearsome fighter he leads Steeljaw and Lockjaw in a hunt for COILS enemies.

Laser, well actually Laser is part of the Democracy ?. Sorry was just order I painted them in ?.

More COILS troops later today. Stay tuned for Blood Guard and a dude carrying a minigun.

Dessert Dogs and Walkers Rangers go out in the midday sun. ?

Tutoring 8
Skill 13
Idea 11
Desert Dogs, Alabama and Major Payne Desert Dogs, Alabama and Major Payne

Today’s reveals, Desert Dogs, Alabama (the guy with the GPMG and Beanie), Major Payne and Walkers Rangers.

Wonderful models, great sculpts. Not overloaded with details. The quality of Traders Galaxy models is top notch and they really are great to paint.

Walkers Rangers Walkers Rangers

Democratic Warplans

Tutoring 10
Skill 14
Idea 10
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Democratic Warplans

To start the process I began with the Democracy models. This faction is similar to the faction of the same name in Bot War but is made up of regular soldier types with special characters that fill specific rolls. A General, Heavy Weapon specialist, Medic, dude riding a flying bike ?.

I Started all the models with a grey primer, then hit them with Corax White to create some light and shadow and finally a pure white to give the highest points some points of light.

Base colours were kept very simple using contrast colours for the most part and then highlighting from that point. I find contrast a wonderfully useful tool and love the vibrant almost 2nd edition tones they provide.


I have completed a huge amount of minis so far but I figured it would be best to document these gradually so I’ll drop more updates on these wonderful miniatures over this week.

Coming Up:

Democracy Desert Dogs

COILS General Venom and Red Guard


and……. Red Star rising?!



Democratic Warplans

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