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Lupa15’s Flyhawk Bismark

Lupa15’s Flyhawk Bismark

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About the Project

I decided to try my hand at scale modeling and was inspired by Plasmo from Youtube to try out the Flyhawk Bismark kit 1:350 scale.

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The Building Begins

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As I embarked on this project the things that jumped out at me compared to the Gamesworkshop and other gaming miniatures is:
1) The difficulty of understanding instructions. We are spoiled with options and multiple ways of getting things to fit.

2) The fiddly nature and how tiny the pieces are. It is true scale, especially with the etchings.

3) Subassemblies are key when it comes to painting. I can see how difficult it would be to access certain areas to paint if you assembled the conning tower without having it be in layers.

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