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Not Brother Lloyd’s Kroot Army – It’s Mine

Not Brother Lloyd’s Kroot Army – It’s Mine

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About the Project

I want to be clear this is NOT Brother Lloyd's Kroot Army this is my Kroot Army. Brother Lloyd's dream was always to have a single Kroot army. Not just a side kick of the Tau but standing on its own against the other factions in 40K. Sadly it has always remained a dream due to the lack of decent Kroot models from Games Workshop. However with the release of Kill Team Gallowdark featuring new Kroot models I believe that dream can come true. However a full week after launch not a word of progress from Brother Lloyd about the army he should be building. I fear if we dont seize this moment in time we will just find more reasons and excuses not to build the Kroot Army. So it begins today the new project Not Brother Lloyd's Kroot Army

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Pech The Kroot Home World

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Pech looks a lot like the Heart of GhurPech looks a lot like the Heart of Ghur

Home World of Pech

Pech is a primitive Arboreal world with few lasting structures and only bare minimum manufacturing capabilities. The native Kroot live high among the tree tops in hives made of regurgitated wood. Areas devoid of the expansive planetary forests are covered in harsh tundra.

The jagga tree, an evergreen tree native to this planet, blankets most of the largest continent where the fauna are also plentiful.

Animal life of Pech consists almost entirely of Kroot and their cousin species including the peaceful, lumbering grazers called krootox, the savage kroot hound, and what may be the original kroot genus, the kroothawk.

Board -Heart of Ghur
I could not find a lot of detail on the home planet of the Kroot Pech. However an arboreal world suggest a lot of trees and green fauna so that is a starting point. Sadly trees are not something I have a lot of but I did pick up the Heart of Ghur set recently. While the Heart Ghur is suppose to be set in a swamp I think I can make it work in a forest with some additional elements.

The Heart of Ghur is a quite amazing set when it comes to the terrian. The 18 bits of plastic terrian have a bamboo construction in bridges and platforms. It does feel more jungle than swamp setting. Applying the right paint scheme it could pass for a forest moon of Endor if we ingore the trees have no leaves and branches that end in hooks. The style is complete with large skulls of hunted animals by the trees no less but let assume these have been hunted by the mighty Kroot warriors. I think it will do for the home world of Pech for now
I have built and sprayed all the terrian white so far.

The plan is to keep the colours very light so starting with a warm bright primer should help. To start I always like to do a test model so i will paint one of the small terrian items frist before we tackle the bigger items.

Pech The Kroot Home World

Yep, That's Me Shaper Lloyd

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Yep, That's Me Shaper Lloyd Yep, That's Me Shaper Lloyd

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Yep, That’s Me Shaper Lloyd on the space hulk Gallowdark You’re Probably Wondering how I got into this mess right ?

Well we need to go back to the start. EGG. Okay maybe not the very start lets go back to my home world Perch but fast forward to the start of the problems.

Oh right Perch erm we are going to need to a board and some terrain then to start with.

Narrative Build Project
This project is rather more than a straight forward buy models, build models and paint models I want to try a different approach a narrative build as I call it. As we have a narrative game in which you tell a story through the battlefield this is aiming to tell a story through the build process. That of humble Kroot Shaper and the events he goes through. I dont have a plan or an end goal no story written down just ideas and concepts, a direction of travel.

The purpose is to use this as a driving force to complete hobby projects building and painting models, playing games to give me focus and purpose in the hobby which I often lack. You will have to excuse me if at times the progress is slow and the story will take time to progress if a lot of painting is required. However I will provide updates on the h0bby progress at least.

Which brings me to the first topic the world of Perch. That will be the starting location of this adventure and the first hobby task to build a board for the world of Perch. So the next update we will look at the planet of Perch, perhaps a look at some terrain we can use and a review of sorts.

Who are the Kroot ?

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The Kroot evolved from avian creatures on their homeworld of Pech.The Kroot evolved from avian creatures on their homeworld of Pech.

The Kroot evolved from avian creatures on their homeworld of Pech, a xenos species of savage humanoids.

Kroot are tall (a good half-metre taller than most Humans), their avian ancestry giving them a bird-like beak and long quills protruding from their heads like hair.

Smaller quills, possibly the evolutionary remnants of feathers, can be found scattered over their bodies.

A unique feature of the Kroot is that they evolve by selecting genetic traits of their defeated foes to absorb by eating them. Due to this, the many Kroot warbands across the galaxy often look radically different.

The Kroot offer themselves as mercenaries and sell their services to anyone willing to pay them. They travel the galaxy taking limited contracts from both major and minor intelligent starfaring species and are regularly employed by the T’au.

But no longer the “Not Brother Lloyds Kroot” warband have bigger aims than just merenaries to the Tau they want to carve out their own path in universe starting righ now.