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Horus Heresy Night Lords

Horus Heresy Night Lords

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Project Blog by fithgodsmote

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About the Project

Building and painting a Night Lords army for Horus Heresy.

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Final Despolier built

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Quick update. I’ll look to get some better pictures of the full squad later this week. Got the final Despolier built. Really happy with him and how the whole squad has turned out. I’ve got some extra bits I may add to some models like grenades and pistol holsters, but I’ll look to do this when I’ve got the first few squads mostly built. I want to have some conformity through the army, but not too much. Certainly want to get it all built before I start painting it.

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I’ve been working away at building a Night Lords force for Warhammer Horus Heresy. It will start out as a Zone Mortalis Force, so I thought I’d start a project on here to keep track of my work and hopefully motivate me to get it done in a reasonable time frame. Some pics below of some of the work I’ve done. Hopefully lots to follow.

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