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Warhammer minus

Warhammer minus

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About the Project

Imperial Vindicare Assassin diorama

This Project is Completed

I brought matters to a head (pun intended)

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I brought matters to a head (pun intended)


After batch painting and different projects I thought it was time for another little 4ok vignette as the last one was much appreciated.

I just finished this little diorama and had a lot of fun trying out new materials and techniques. I watched a lot of YT videos and Gerry Cans on the subject of weathering and tried to apply it on this model to create something new and to improve my skills and technique repertoir.

I stumbled upon this miniature a while ago browsing cults3d.

It is a fan art of an exclusive promo mini released by GW for an annual Warhammer+ subscription. I really like the look of the model as it tells a little story but couldn’t be bothered to invest that much money into it and always felt sorry for not being able to get my hands on it. You can imagine how glad I was when I came across this mini! And the best part of it: its absolutely free! So making it my next project was a no brainer.

The miniature is from spearminiatuers and is called “Actually FREE Assassin in statue”

and can be found here:

And be sure to read the description of the designer 😉


I’m very satisfied with the result. If you have a 3d printer and missed the original you can now print one yourself!

Thanks for reading and until next ime!

I brought matters to a head (pun intended)