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I got busted!

I got busted!

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My first attempt to paint a bigger scale

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Twenty war seven

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Twenty war seven


This time I tried something completely different. I felt it was time for a bigger scale and the next step on the painting ladder: painting a bust! What better bust to paint that one of a soldier of the 143rd siege regiment of the famous Death Korps of krieg!?

I came across this mini browsing on several sites for STL files and since then I kept an eye on it and recently I thought I’d give it a go and print it.

The mini can be found here:

Intimidated at first I startdd by doing some research on lore and uniform colours. I found a good illustration of the different regimental colours here:

I decided to go for the iconic french blue and orangy leather scheme as I mainly like the combination of german styled gear and french blue uniform as well as the visual interaction of the cold blue and the warm brown.

Ther markings were done by using an old imperial guard (astra mili what?, you’re in the guard son) cadian decal sheet.

I then put it on a 3d printed plinth because the one provided was a bit wobbly and top heavy.

I’m very satisfied how it turned out. I definetly learned a thing or two and had a lot of fun that’s what it’s all about right?

Thanks for reading and until next time!

Twenty war seven