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Headed to the cleaners? Its time to join the league

Headed to the cleaners? Its time to join the league

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About the Project

Time to document my forays into speed painting and crack on to give league of infamy some love seeing as its been sat around for nearly 2 years.,

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Base game miniatures

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Now the league base game is a little bit of a mixed bag. The good guys the dungeon master play are very militaristic and coherent to a degree, The wandering monsters that can be also used are all over in regards to the look and feel – but then they are wandering monsters at the end of the day. The bad guys who the players play are a real mixed bag full of unique character and details. Consequently I focused my speed painting efforts into the good guys, with plans to spend more time using traditional methods on the player characters due to the unique details and sculpts, and where players will be interacting and touching the game most.

The other beautiful thing is that there is volumes of smaller minis here that were easy wins, however some have only a sculpt a mother could love. Looking at you Drakon with a maaaassssiiiiveee underbite.


Hiiii mum!Hiiii mum!

Speaking of which lets detail the painting

Cavern Dweller

Pallyd whych flesh (Citadel) Washed with thinned Druichii violet (Citadel) and dry brushed with the base colour. Once this was done I then went in and painted the claws and teeth London gey, highlighted with sky grey, the mouth once again was screamer pink. The fur was copper brown (Vallejo express colour) a lovely warm coppery brown. Chains and shackles were blackened barrel.