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Imperial Fists Intercession Kill Team

Imperial Fists Intercession Kill Team

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Project Blog by wmcduff

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About the Project

Slowly working on an Imperial Fists Intercession Squad for Kill Team, as a second team to go with my Khorne Daemons. (The third team of Necrons we'll not mention, though they're half done too.) Just a bunch of boys with bolters and upgrade pack shoulders, with a leader sporting the upgrade pack power fist.

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Six minatures, II down, 5 to go

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My test model, Imperial Fists 6th company, 6th squad (Intercessor), squaddie II.My test model, Imperial Fists 6th company, 6th squad (Intercessor), squaddie II.

These are in progress already, so I should have set this up before. I use Army Painter paints generally, in general. So for these I used a Daemonic Yellow primer in a spray can, then a zenithal spray can highlight in white from the top.

Then some Zealot Yellow speedpaint to give it those orangey shadows. Lava Orange for the knee pad, shoulder pad edge and a bit in the eye area. Matt White for the Imp. Fists icon, with Matt Black for the fist, highlighted with Necromancer cloak. Daemonic Yellow to bring the top back to proper yellow. A little Pure Red to highlight buttons and eyes. Grim Black on the weapon, drybrushed with Gunmetal.

Gloss Varnish to make a smooth spot to put the waterslide transfers (Getting the VI on the arrow was a pain…) and then gloss over the top.

A rock and some lichen on the base, with Matt Black for the rim and bob’s yer uncle.

Now I just have to do the other five similarly. I have done the center of the backpacks so I can use them in games while I finish them off.

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