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Let there be Light!

Let there be Light!

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About the Project

Documenting my hobby space & upgrades.

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More light & bigger frame

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Same concept … more tubes connected in a vaguely cube-shaped object.

This was my initial attempt and to be honest it does its job better than I had been expecting.

oh … and none of this is glued together at the moment.
The tight fit of the tubes is apparently good enough.

I was going to glue it together once I was certain the thing was finished, but as I’m moving ‘soon’ I figured I’d rather keep it like this. I only need to make sure I document the dissassembly process for obvious reasons.

Dedicated pvc glue is what you’re going to need to fix this contraption in a more permanent format.

Got Light ?

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Clearing space was easy … well … sort of.

Once I had done so I discovered one thing : I had light … but it wasn’t enough.

One way of adding more light is a desktop light, but I noticed that they were filling valuable real estate while offering not enough light in return. A daylight bulb did improve the quantity, but the thing was a bit too much in my face.

Solution ?
Well … I remember Warzan building a frame and adding lights to that.

I’ve build something similar … using the most basic (and maybe unlikely) construction material I could find in a DIY store : 32mm diameter PVC tubes.

almost donealmost done


You can use the 2-3 meter lenghts of pvc tube, but the 1 meter tubes were easier to handle and none of the parts needed to be over 1 meter in lenght. It probably would have been a more efficient use of material, but transportation of the longer pieces was tricky without access to a car.

A basic saw was all I needed to cut the pieces to the desired lenghts.

I’ve used two Ikea Mittled 60cm kitchen worktop lights (and associated bits and pieces), but in hindsight I probably should have picked 2 x 40cm and one 60cm.

If you need something closer to daylight then I’d recommend the Philips Hue lightstrips. They are more expensive, but they do provide better light.

Improving the basics

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One thing I noticed is that it is kind of hard to find motivation.

Having to clear what little space I had next to my computer meant that I rarely had enough energy to do anything hobby related as I got distracted by things.

So 2023 was going to be the year I was going to make an effort and I sort of got started, but then life had to throw a spanner in the works as I finally found a house I could afford. This also means that I now have the opportunity to make something closer to the ideal instead of tinkering with the little space I had.

I did manage to make a few tiny but important improvements to my hobby space.

  • clear out space on my desk and reserve it for hobby
  • add more lights to make assembly easier
  • clear out additional space for painting
  • add more lights to that so I could see what I was trying to paint

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