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I can’t stop thinking about ancient Rome – Gangs of Rome edition

I can’t stop thinking about ancient Rome – Gangs of Rome edition

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About the Project

Found this skirmish game on Kickstarter and took the plunge when they launched their 2nd edition. Going to build up a couple of gangs and play some games in this fun looking game.

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Building Rome one building at a time

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On my other projects I’ve been dipping my toes into both resin and filament printing. Learning from those I’m going to enhance my Gangs of Rome stuff with some more buildings. I have the Villa from the Accessory Set to put together. I want to get more of the Sarissa Precision buildings but in the mean time to get some more variety I’m 3D printing some buildings as well. Learning from my old printer I got a new Bambu Labs P1P to get faster and more reliable prints. This thing is a terrain printing beast. What would take two days before now can be done in under 19 hours per floor. The quality has been amazing and I can’t see the layer lines and you can barely feel them there is a very small texture.

I have a third building getting finished by tomorrow and I’ll post pictures of that as well as the Sarissa Precision villa from the Accessory Set for Gangs of Rome.

If you are curious about the buildings I’m using you can find them here City of Antiquity from Dark Realms Forge. After Rome I want to print more of their stuff for Frostgrave and Mordheim I really like their selection.

I’ve been slowly snipping the figures from the sprues and organizing the bits based on getting an even mix of weapons. The Accessory Set came with another 30 figures and trying to decide if I want more gang members or go for mob members. I still kinda want to get the metal ones that Footsore are offering on their site. I also need to resin print the puddle bases. They released them as STLs during their kickstarter, not sure where you’d get them now. I’ll look into it and let folks know.

For now this is what I have to share and will post more updates as things develop. Until next post happy hobby time folks!

What did I get?

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What did I get?

I originally saw Gangs of Rome when it first launch and was really interested in it but I wasn’t active in the wargame hobby at the time. So I signed up for Footsore’s newsletter and kept track of it. Along came second edition to Kickstarter and I really wanted to get the rulebook at least this time around. I had no idea what I needed for figures so I thought at least with the book I could plan that out. Over the course of the campaign they unlocked the plastic set and I altered my pledge to at least get that. The box came, a move happened and it was in storage…until today.

What did I get?

I have the rulebook which is gorgeous, some MDF tokens, 30 MDF bases not pictured here, and a box of the Gangs of Rome plastic set. This will also be my first experience with Wargames Atlantic models. I’ve been hearing everyone love them so time to see if they live up to the hype. Looking at the sprue we definitely have a large amount of options. The bodies are separated at the waist so you get some variance on combinations there compared to say the Frostgrave or Oathmark sets if you are familiar with those. Over twelve heads are included with two helmet options for folks that want to build gladiators. The weapon options are vast. Let’s look at the rulebook and see what options we need for our gangs.

Sling Iron Claw Barbed Net
Spear Flaming Torch Short Bow
Shield Cloak Cleaver
Whip Javelin Bolas
Subtle Dagger Caestus Gloves Miraculous Ointment
Hammer Manica Armour Fool’s Purse
Chain Fire Pot Twin Short Swords
Pilum Stitch Kit Throwing Knife
Marbles Spiked Buckler Poisoned Blade


Of these options we have most of them represented with items on the sprue except the whip, Hammer, Chain, Iron Claw, Flaming Torch, Javelin, Caestus Gloves, Manica Armour, Spiked Buckler, Barbed Net, and Bolas. Some of these bits I can use from my Frostgrave bits I think I’ll have to do a test fit. Other items like the net I think will have to be saved to the metal models. Footsore is relaunching the line on their site during/after Salute so I’m waiting until then to pick up some Mob models as well as the Vigile. Now that I have the book I learned I need both of those for the scenarios. I got the 3D models of the multi bases and can print out some nice cobblestone options. I love skirmish games and I like the amount of models involved. The MDF terrain from Sarissa Precision also looks fantastic and it is on my wish list to get in the future for sure. While I am waiting for supplies for my other projects I’m going to put these together with a range of options to arm some gang members and hopefully the weather warms up so I can prime these as well.

Until next update happy hobby time everyone!

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