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Dan’s 2024 Side Projects

Dan’s 2024 Side Projects

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About the Project

This is just a place for me to document the various models I paint during 2024 that are not part of any particular event, such as Dungeonalia or Spring Clean Challenge.

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Salute haul and secret santa minis

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Salute haul and secret santa minis

I was inspired by last week’s unofficial hobby hangout, in which Sundancer was assembling minis, to get all my models assembled.


As such, the top array of images are my haul from Salute. Below that are all the minis I received from the secret Santa. Then finally there’s a Raging Heroes left over mini from a recent project.


I’ll get these undercoated at the weekend and then I’ll be painting them up as my whimsey takes me until OTT start their next big participation hobby event.

Rascal Town Knight Goblin

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This model comes from Rogue Hobbies and is their third release. It’s a goblin about 75mm scale – I think. I liked the idea of trying to paint something more whimsical than I usually do.


Rascaltown Knight RH-003 – Made to Order


For all the paints used on this model I diluted them a little bit with lahmian medium to help them flow a bit better and try and improve my blending. When layering I also used various mixes through the colours, rather than just using each colour on its own as I usually would.


The skin had a couple of coats of averland sunset, had a wash applied into the recesses of casandora yellow, then highlighted with flash gitz yellow through to flayed one flesh.


The metal areas were painted mechanicus standard grey, then highlighted through dawnstoneadministratum grey, and then ulthuan grey.


The mushrooms were painted naggaroth night then the spots were painted emperor’s children. The purple bits were then highlighted xereus purple followed by genestealer purple.


The eyes were painted jokaero orange and then trollslayer orange. The irises were drawn in with a technical pen.


The teeth and horn were painted zandri dust, then layered through ushabti bone and screaming skull.


The wood was painted dryad bark, then highlighted through gorthor brown and baneblade brown.


The leather areas were painted steel legion drab then highlighted tallarn sand through karak stone.


The frog was painted moot green and then highlighted with a mix of moot green and flayed one flesh. It was washed with beil-tan green in the recesses.


The frog’s hat was painted evil sunz scarlet and then highlighted with a mix of evil sunz scarlet and flayed one flesh. It was washed with carroburg crimson in the recesses.


Lamenters yellow was glazed on to the metal where I imagined the skin would be reflecting off the metal. I hope this gives the impression of the metal being shiny and reflective.

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