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Puppets War Give Their Sci-Fi Warriors A Samurai Edge


Puppets War has been adding some new options into the mix for those looking to build Sci-Fi soldiers. Check out the Samurai Reaper Helmets and traditional Samurai Helmets.

Puppets War Embrace The Ways Of The Cossack With New Heads


Puppets War are embracing a bit of that Eastern European awesomeness with some new heads in the fashion of Cossacks. See what you think of them in a range of very well detailed expressions...

Valhalla Champions Join The Ranks Of Puppets War


Being a lover of all things Viking and by extension the Space Wolves of Warhammer 40,000 it's ace to see that Puppets War are working on some more models within this wheelhouse. Check out their Valhalla Champions who are ready to slice and dice...

Give Your Cyber Soldiers an Upgrade With Puppets War’s New Guns


Puppets War have released a new set of Cyber weaponry to give your cyber soldiers a bit of a hand by taking it away and replacing it with a blaster gun.

Puppets War Bring Some Variety to the Turret Sections


Puppets War have just released two new variants for their Cerberus Turrets, giving you the fire power options to deal with whatever the enemy have to throw at you.

Puppets War Stumble On A Clutch Of Different Easter Eggs


If you want to make your tabletop into a bit of an alien hive then I think these Space Eggs might help from Puppets War.

Things Get Heavy as Puppets War Unveil New Armoured Minis


Puppets War Bring a Nuke to a Gun Fight


Puppets War have been creating various a weapon alternatives for a while now, but their latest hand gun has got to be one of their more outlandish in nature if not design. The Nuke Gun.

Puppets War Power Up Their Machine Guns


Puppets War have one of the most extensive armouries of miniature weapon options and now some more heavy fire power has become available. Sure lasers and everything can be fine, but sometimes all you need is a good old heavy machine gun.

Puppets War Wield the Power of the Storm


Guns are all very well and good, but we all know that swords really rule the sci-fi battlefields, such as the new Storm Swords from Puppets War.

Wyrd Start to Become Unstitched


As well as the new release of their awesome Avatar for Hoffman, Wyrd have released the new edition for their board game Puppet Wars. Now things are coming Unstitched.

Puppets War’s Jump Packs Take Wing


We have already seen some of Puppets War's new jump packs and now it seems that they are releasing some more stylistic examples, with these Steam Jump WIPs.

Puppets War Sketch Up Some New Heavy Armour


Puppets War have put up a new sketch image which previews what looks like some seriously heavy duty sci-fi armour.

Battle Foam Puppet Wars Bag


Check out Romeo's latest Battle Foam bag... this time for Puppet Wars!

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