Ramshackle Let Slip Their Battle Dog Tank

October 9, 2014 by dracs

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A new tank is rumbling its way out of Ramshackle Games, the sturdy yet appropriately ramshackle-looking Battle Dog.

Battle Dog

Battle Dog Gun Variant

As you can see, this resin tank can be assembled with different gun arrangements, letting you build the type of tank you need. It can also be built as the variant Püg Mobile Gun, featuring a massive scifi style gun ready to tear through the enemy's armour.

Pug Mobile Gun

Not knowing much about tanks, I can't really venture an opinion on how these would serve as real designs. However, they would certainly look the part for an orc force, with the exposed rivets and massive exhaust pipes being characteristic of that race's approach to technology. It would also serve well in a post-apocalyptic environment as a faction gets hold of the remaining technology the armed forces left behind.

Do you like Ramshackle's tanks? Which of these three variants would you build yours as?

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