Osprey Games Announce Upcoming RPGs For 2023!

January 18, 2023 by brennon

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Osprey Games have a pretty packed schedule when it comes to releases for 2023. They have been growing their roleplaying game offerings in particular over the last year or so and there are plenty of interesting titles on the way.

Heirs to Heresy - Faith & Fear - Osprey Games

Heirs To Heresy - Faith & Fear // Osprey Games

One of the big releases coming in September is a follow-up from Alan Bahr for Heirs To Heresy. This supplement to his Knights Templar-themed roleplaying game will introduce a new set of Knightly Orders alongside relics, mysteries and new foes that are both mortal and supernatural! You can actually check out our interview with Alan Bahr about Heirs To Heresy HERE or down below...

Mixing History & Fantasy With The Heirs To Heresy RPG | Designer Interview

If you're looking for something a bit different then you might be tempted by Tomorrow City from Nathan Russell.

Tomorrow City - Osprey Games

Tomorrow City // Osprey Games

We don't know much more about this one just yet but Tomorrow City promises to be a Dieselpunk Roleplaying Game that hones in on plenty of action, mystery and mad science. I am already liking this early artwork for the game as shown above, especially with that Rocketeer-style fellow in the middle! Watch out for this in October.

Jonathan Hicks, the creator of Those Dark Places, is also going to be working on a new roleplaying game called Pressure.

Pressure Chamber - Osprey Games

Pressure // Osprey Games

Pressure fits nicely into the dark Sci-Fi themes that Hicks likes working with and is about bringing law and order to the dark and dangerous corners of the universe. Fun! If it's anything like Those Dark Places in terms of playability, I will be very excited to see what Hicks has been up to. This will be out in November in the UK and next year for the folks in the US.

Last but not least, we've also got a new roleplaying game coming from J-M DeFoggi called Urban Decay. It's going to be a fast-moving "beat 'em up" action game where you'll be hitting the streets, fighting gangs and looking to take back your city. All very Streets Of Rage!

Urban Decay - Osprey Games

Urban Decay // Osprey Games

I am excited to see what Osprey Games have up their sleeves when it comes to games for this year. They have really been knocking it out of the park and giving voices to a lot of independent designers and creators. Plus, their production quality is always top-notch. Love the artwork and component design in their games...

Which of these roleplaying games are you excited about?

"I am excited to see what Osprey Games have up their sleeves when it comes to games for this year..."

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