Savage Worlds from Reaper

March 15, 2011 by beerogre

Savage Worlds is a great little RPG with a solid miniatures battle system chucked in for good measure.

However, their Deadlands(a sort of gothic horror and steampunk in the wild west setting) has been starved for miniatures... yeah OK... you can convert some minis. I've seen quite a few Space Marine powerfists grafted onto cowboys and Winchester rifles replaced by gatling barrels... but I digress.

Reaper Miniatures  has decided to create some more appropriate models, for those who don't want to hack apart their own cowboys...

Has anyone here played Savage World or Deadlands?

I used to play an Iron Kingdoms RPG using the Savage Worldssystem. The weird science/gizmo rules really suit the mechanikal magical creations... but again I'm rambling... enjoy folks!

BoW Andy

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