Some Alien Wonders from Khurasan Miniatures

May 11, 2011 by beerogre

Have a look at some of the 15mm alien madness coming out of Khurasan Miniatures in the last few weeks!

These Ursa are really fun, but I'm particularly fond of the upcoming Chewk Sand Shrimps... there's a whole army of them!

... and here's a scale shot of one standing next to a 15mm Felid...

Khurasan are also expanding their range of Mekanoids, with these new releases.

I've looked through our store and I've found that we have one of the Mekanoid Dictator models... we'll have to make a video about that...

Lastly, there's the Karkwagon APC. The chosen transport of the amphibious Karkarines!

That's quite a collection... what do you think guys?

BoW Andy

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