Mercs Results Start Coming In!

April 13, 2013 by stuart

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So far the top three performing MegaCons are (in no particular order): Yellowjackets, Kem Var and Texico
The lowest performing MegaCons to date are (in no particular order): USCR, Keizai Waza and the FCC
ISS have just moved out of the dissolution zone (for now) and USCR have slid into a perilous position! Its all still to play for so keep the results coming in!

Deep cover FCC assets have been activated. These long dormant terrorist cells have infiltrated all levels of every MegaCon. No one appears to be safe. A second Dissolution Day has dawned. Only those MegaCons that can identify the threats, eliminate the terrorists, and continue to control their own resources can hope to survive.

On the 13th April we were delighted to be working with the guys at Mercs Minis to bring you the first global campaign day – Operation Paradigm Shift. Many clubs across the world signed aboard (in secret of course!) to get involved and are sending us photos and sharing their experiences. Whether Paradigm Shift was your first experience of this fantastic game or just the latest and greatest clash between the MegaCons at your local gaming place it doesn't matter - just get stuck in!

The event pack allows players to get involved in two unique scenarios - each with their own special rules and play styles. Even after the Paradigm Shift  - these scenarios are a great resource to play in Mercs games at home or your local club.

Ferocious battling has seen the Kem'Var victorious here at Tabletop Nation - having driven off the other MegaCons in a series of battles. Even the involvement of the FCC using the campaign's exciting Infiltration game mechanic couldn't prevent the ISS from finishing last. But we are one location and this campaign is truly global. Results are coming in from as far afield as Hong Kong, Germany, the United States and (if rumour has it) a hut within the Arctic Circle.

Any MegaCon that has an average score less than 15 will be in jeopardy of dissolution. The MegaCon with the lowest score will be dissolved and their demise will be written into the history. That said, players need not fear their purchase will become obsolete - in effect, the once proud MegaCon will become a rogue squad, up for sale to the highest bidder, FCC or MegaCon.

Because of the multiple timezones and various videos and photos we have to wade through, we will keep the results form open until Sunday 21st April. Remember to submit your results at the following link: //

Will it be a Greek tragedy for the ISS? Stay tuned to Beasts of War as the last results are counted!

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