The Neo-Iskandrians Take Over December For Urban War

December 6, 2013 by brennon

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Myriad Miniatures have put together a pretty awesome collection of Neo-Iskandrians for Urban War and they are all out this December! See what you think of the Companions and Hypaspists below...

Companion with Entropic Carbine #1

Companion with Entropic Carbine #2

First up we have the Companions with their Entropic Carbines. I love the pseudo-Roman design of their helmets and armour, even down to the almost kilt they have around their waist.

Hypapist with Entropic Carbine #1

Hypapist with Entropic Carbine #2

Hypapist with Marksman

Hypapist with Xyston #1

Hypapist with Xyston #2

And then we have these brilliant looking Hypapists. Of all of them I think that my favourites have to be those chaps with the epic Xystons although the Marksman also has me interested.


Here is the lot of them all together, showing off what a deadly crew they can turn into. There is also plenty more on the horizon for Urban War with the Myrmidons coming next month.

Will you be picking up these Neo-Iskandrians this month?

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