Spartan Games Introduce the Seven Deadly Fleets of the Rift

September 27, 2012 by brennon

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Marauders of the Rift will be shipping from October 3rd for Firestorm Armada and in the run up to it Spartan Games are showing off some of the ships that make up the various fleets in this new expansion. Check them out below...

The Syndicate

The Syndicate Spur Class Heavy Cruiser

The Corsairs

Corsairs Outlaw Class Frigate and Brigand Class Cruiser

Pathogen X9-V

Infected Battleship, Oroshan Armageddon Class Dreadnought, Slayer Class Frigate

Above are three of the fleets with their deadly new ships. As well as them there are the OmniDyne Corporation, The Rift Traders League, Supermax-89, and The Oroshan. Read more on these by following this link HERE.

Will you be preparing to enter the Rift with Firestorm Armada?

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