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Alessio Cavatore Challenges YOU At Titan Games!


Do you think you could beat the master at his own game? Come to Titan Games this weekend and see if Alessio Cavatore can be beaten at Shurro!

Take a Loka at Alessio Cavatore’s Fantasy Chess Kickstarter!


Well we have been excited about this for a while and now it is finally making its Kickstarter debut; Loka the Fantasy Chess game from Mantic Games!

Join the Beta Test for Shuuro: Wrath of the Elements!


That’s right guys… it’s Shurro… but it’s online!

You’ll be online with your fellow Backstagers, as well as the game developers and Mr. River Horse Games himself… Alessio Cavatore.

Coming Soon… Shuuro on Facebook!


Andy and Alessio talk about the upcoming Shuuro Online something brand new for those who love their Facebook games… and by the sound of things all of the Backstagers may be getting an early sneek peek at the beta.