Take a Loka at Alessio Cavatore’s Fantasy Chess Kickstarter!

February 23, 2013 by dracs

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Well we have been excited about this for a while and now it is finally making its Kickstarter debut; Loka the Fantasy Chess game from Mantic Games!


The Loka Kickstarter aims to bring you both a well sculpted chess set and a cool new fantasy style chess game, seeing you control the armies of the various elements.

Loka Agni the Lands of Fire

The kickstarter aims to bring you the first of the plastic chess sets for Loka, as well as the PDF for the rules.

As more funding comes in the other faction chess sets should be appearing, along with a hard copy of the rules and even terrain pieces.

I have always loved chess, the more intricate the sets the better, so I am really excited by this game. I am particularly looking forward to the Earth style elemental force.

Loka Chess

The concepts for the rules and variants of standard chess are really intriguing and I think that this will definitely be one kickstarter I will be chipping in for.

Will you be getting into Alessio's new vision of chess?

If you want to know more check out this week's Weekender with the man himself, Alessio Cavatore.

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