The Weekender: With Alessio “Cthulhu” Cavatore

February 22, 2013 by dignity

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With Mercs Week starting on Monday we thought we would take it easy and have a chat with our buddy Alessio Cavatore about his new game Loka; and have a quick look at whats been happening in the world this week.

The Weekender: With Alessio "Cthulhu" Cavatore

P.S. Stay tuned for the all new Weekender XL BS coming soon.

Congratulations to our Kraken Winner:

@kachow A.K.A. Kevin Chow

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Land Mattress Rocket Launcher

Late War British Decal Pack

US Para Commanders - Warriors of Market Garden

C15TA Armoured Truck

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Batman Gotham City Strategy Game

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Salute 2013 Jason & The Argonauts Miniature (first time in plastic)

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Arena Rex (superb looking new Kickstarter)

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Hell Dorado: Inferno

Demons Teaser Trailer

Videos by Sam (Joke thing wanting me to juggle)

Who still plays Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition?

Flames of War vs Bolt Action

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