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Try Something New: Go On Campaign


For most of us, the evening's gaming session will comprise of a quick run up of army lists, a simple scenario and maybe a little narrative reasoning if you are in the mood. But this month, why don't we take it further. It's time to go on campaign!

Try Something New: Become a Writer!


With National Novel Writing Month come and gone, I thought that now was a good time for all of us prospective writers to set ourselves a new challenge with our games. Turn them into a story.

Try Something New: Do Away With Dice


Dice. They are our tried and tested friends, or most hated enemies. Sometimes we can become a little too reliant upon those fickle fiends of chance. So I thought for this Try Something New I'd take a look at some new ways to test your resolve.

Try Something New: Make Some Terrain!


We all dream of one day having an epic gaming board of our very own. Of course, the first step in this is to start making our own terrain. That's why this month I thought it would be a good idea for us to try some landscape architecture on the tabletop!

Try Something New: Paint Like A Pro!


We all love seeing the amazing paint jobs that professional painters manage. Yet when it comes to our own models, we often simply make do with a quick dash of colour. So for this month, why don't we take the time to paint something stunning?

Try Something New: Try Something Old


There are more tabletop games available now than ever before, most of which are absolutely fantastic. However, sometimes it can be fun to go back and see what's gone before...

Try Something New: Give Sculpting A Go


One of the aspects of the hobby I have always liked is the sculpting, watching as a miniature develops from a simple green into something awesome. So for this month's Try Something New I thought I'd lay down a challenge; see what you can sculpt.

Try Something New – Bring In The Games Master


For the last Try Something New, I wrote encouraging people to give being a Games Master a try. This sparked a forgotten neuron in my mind of something that I think was suggested in a previous edition of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles rule book: Adding GMs to your wargames.

Try Something New – Become The Game Master


When it comes to role playing games, we all love creating ourselves a character and jumping into the game's world. However, there is one part of role playing games that I know plenty of people are rather nervous about trying for themselves: taking on the role of the all powerful Game Master.

Try Something New! – Wander in New Genres


In gaming it can be so easy to get stuck in a rut, unwilling to give things a go outside what you're used to. That's why we're starting this new article series to help encourage you to wander out of your hobby comfort zones. Kicking off, let's try out a different game genre!

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