The Countdown to TURN 8 Begins!

March 29, 2012 by beerogre


That's right guys... your favourite live internet TV broadcast from Beasts of War is set for a return!

The show will be bigger, brighter and more interactive than ever, with more giveaways, chat and interviews, as-well-as cool insider gossip from our sources around the tabletop gaming world.

To fully realise this new show, we're moving to a once-per-month extravaganza, which we will be publicising well in advance so that fans can submit their questions and topics they want to see discussed... and (of course) so you can mark the date in your calendars with a nice thick red pen!

So, get your preferred beverage ready and hold on to your hat for the relaunched, revamped and rebooted TURN 8 coming next week at the new time of 8:00pm GMT on Thursday.

For those who may not be able catch the show live (probably due to being stationed in the colonies) then the show will be recorded... and this time we may even have some giveaways that YOU can enter!

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