Titanfall Has Finally Arrived

March 11, 2014 by lloyd

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The Game To Reshape FPS Is Here

If you live in North America you are a lucky sod, as Titanfall has just released in your region today. All the waiting is over and after months of speculation, an alpha and a beta, it looks like this game really is going to reshape the FPS genre. Reviews are popping up all over the net and some say that even if you don't like First Person Shooters this is still a game you should try and will probably enjoy.

Titanfall - Pilot in Lagoon Map

It's All About Balance

Part of what makes this game great and accessible, even to novices of the genre, is the balancing act Respawn Entertainment have performed during the development of the game. For example, they have radically changed the flow of gameplay in Titanfall with just one addition; Pilot jump packs, which allow a new freedom of movement not found in other FPS. This small change has had a dramatic effect on how players move around maps, making it hard to predict where an enemy may come from. This means seasoned players will have to work hard to spot even new players of the game coming at them.

It's obvious that they have also spent a lot of time fine tuning the interaction of Pilots and Titans with a feeling of vulnerability running throughout the game, whether you're on foot or in one of the massive mechs. Each has the ability to destroy the other, so no one is lord supreme, which keeps you on your toes and entertained. Of course that said, it's kick ass to be in a Titan!

Titanfall - Titan Cockpit

Weapon loadouts have also been well-thought-out with the game offering a lot less options than say Call of Duty. This is great as it means you don't feel like you're being outgunned all the time by another player with higher xp and you have a good set of weapons at your disposal.

When Can You Get It?

PC and Xbox One - March 11th (TODAY) in North America, March 13th in Europe and Australia and March 14th in the UK and New Zealand.

It will also be available on the Xbox 360 on March 25th in North America, followed by other regions around March 28th.

Titanfall - Fracture Map

Titanfall Reviews

Reviews of this game are hitting the web thick and fast. Unfortunately, we don't get our hands on this till later in the week here in the UK, so I have picked out two of the best for you to check out today:



I can't wait to get playing this, let us know what you think of the game below.

"seasoned players will have to work hard to spot even new players of the game coming at them"

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"you don't feel like you're being outgunned all the time by another player with higher xp"

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