Kitbashed Models For Upcoming Titanfall Video Game

August 22, 2013 by lloyd

Next year will see the release of a super cool video game called Titanfall with twenty foot mechs known as Titans dropping from the sky into raging battles! Sound cool huh? Well it gets even cooler than that. These bad ass monsters of destruction do some of the coolest stuff a mech has ever done, like grab a pilot in mid air, thrusting them into it's pilot seat or capturing incoming rounds in a magnetic force field before firing them back at its attacker.

On top of their cool actions Titans look the part too! Check out this video to see what I'm talking about:

Titanfall Titans

Titanfall Gameplay Demo

(1080p download can be found here)

These epic creations are the work of a studio called Respawn Entertainment, but how did they design of such beasts? I would of assumed it was with hundreds of hours of CAD work with thousands of polygons but it turns out they Kitbash, well to begin with anyway. Yep silly me thought it would all be CGI but lead artist Joel Emslie is a dab-hand at real world modelling and in the video above from gameinformer (click here for their article) he gives us an insight into the process.

Are you looking forwards to Titanfall?

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