Meks, Pain Boyz & Looted Vehicles Leaked For 40k Orks!

June 17, 2014 by brennon

The Games Workshop greenskin tide seems to be never ending and there is pretty much no sign of the codex as yet BUT there are still some more Orks making an appearance in the upcoming White Dwarf. See what you think of these leaked images...

Ork Mek

Ork Pain Boy

First up we have these two Orks who are (from what I can tell anyway) a Mek Boy of some kind, or it could just be some tooled up Nob, and a Pain Boy with a rather cruel set of instruments. I love the first Ork and I do enjoy the whole tinkering side of the Ork horde but that Pain Boy looks weird to me. Really weird. What has happened to his face and why is the face of the Grot so squashed?! I guess they tried to make him look insidious but it just looks wrong.

Looted Wagon

The other addition to this coming White Dwarf is the Looted Wagon. Now we thought that this wouldn't be in the new codex and I think we're still on the money with that since this is a 'White Dwarf Exclusive'. That probably means you're getting the rules for them in this issue but they won't be popping up in the main book.

It seems like this could have been a response to the annoyance that they weren't being in the new codex and so they've jumped at the chance to try and get something out there for folks who still want them. It certainly seems hasty as in the stat entry there is a misprint listing it as a 'Gorkanaut'. We still maintain however that them not being in isn't such a big thing with the advent of unbound armies and allies which is quite nice!

Talking of stat lines this thing comes with armour of 11/11/10 with three hull points and can transport twelve models across the battlefield. It's armaments include a big Kilkannon and all the other gubbins you'd expect on an Ork vehicle. You can even bolt that lovely Deff Rolla to the front.

It's somewhat unfortunate that the front of this tank looks like chips in a McDonald's packet. Oops.

Are you growing tired of the Ork horde or do you want to see more and more?

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