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Tau Codex Break Down: Heavy Support


It's the final day of Tau Week and Gav and Jack sit down for their last look at the Tau codex; the heavy support section.

Painting a Tau Piranha Part Four


Tau Week is fast coming to a close and before we reach the last day of this themed week our buddy Dave takes the time to finish up his tutorial on the Tau Piranha, painting the last of the camouflage and even painting some lights on this cool little model.

Tau Codex Break Down: Fast Attack


Day four of our Tau Week is here and Gav and Jack get on to the Fast Attack section of the book to give us their thoughts on what got better and what stayed the same.

Painting a Tau Piranha Part Three


Dave moves onto the third step of his Tau painting tutorial, adding some basic camo and bringing up the next layer of highlights on his Tau Piranha.

Tau Codex Break Down: Elites


Time for a look at the classic heavy hitter section of your new Tau Codex with the Elites. Gav and Jack chat about the old XV8 Crisis Battlesuit teams and the brand spanking new XV108 Riptide, but what do you guys think? Will you be running out to pick up one or three of the new models?

Painting a Tau Piranha Part Two


Dave moves on to painting some of the first highlights on his Tau Piranha.

Tau Codex Break Down: Troops


Now it's time for a look at the backbone of the Tau army with their Troops Section. Featuring Fire Warriors, the varying breeds of Kroot and the Devilfish, have the changes within the core of this army been for the better or did they need something extra?

Painting a Tau Piranha Part One


It's the start of Tau Week and our buddy Dave has taken out a Tau Piranha to show us how to paint the basic tau color scheme.

Tau Codex Break Down: HQ


Gav sits down with the new Tau Codex and a brave volunteer from the Beasts of War community Jack (A.K.A. Anihil) and first up its got to be a look at the HQ section!

The Weekender: Paradigm Shift Kicks off in the Morning!


Another week of fantastic news from across the gaming world has come to an end with Dystopian Wars, Carnevale and the Convergence of Cyriss making an appearance! Oh and it's the MERCS Global Event today!

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