Go Hunting Spellcasters With Scyrah In Warmachine

February 15, 2013 by brennon

It looks like the Retribution of Scyrah are getting a lot of updates soon for Warmachine with this newest one being the Mage Hunter Infiltrators from Privateer Press...

Mage Hunter Infiltrators

"Mage hunter infiltrators specialize in hunting and killing enemy arcanists. At home in any environment, they take advantage of their surroundings to close on their target in silence, their blades slicing through arcane wards with practiced ease. From out of the darkness they strike, quickly and efficiently dispatching those whose very existence threatens Scyrah."

Go Hunting Spellcasters With Scyrah In Warmachine

I didn't think I'd like these very Elven looking miniatures for Warmachine but they are actually pretty damn good. I'm a big fan of any models that have hoods as they nearly always look exceptionally cool.

If you're not intending to use these for Warmachine you could always take one of them and paint him up as a Role-Playing character. I reckon they would make excellent Elf Rogues.

What do you think of this unit?

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