Learn How To Play Warmachine With Privateer Press!

December 5, 2014 by brennon

If you've never considered playing Warmachine by Privateer Press because you thought the rules sounded a bit intimidating then thankfully they've put together an awesome How to Play Tutorial above which you can watch to get you up to speed. Best of all this works with some of the components of the Two Player Battle Box that you can buy featuring both Khador & the Protectorate of Menoth...

How To Play Warmachine

The video will run you through movement, how to use focus, shooting, and of course the metal crunch of melee as massive Warjacks smash things to pieces at the order of your Warcasters. It's certainly a game of tactical decision making!

Two Player Battle Box

Khador & Menoth

As I mentioned above the How To Play features some of the forces from the Two Player Battle Box which is a very good way of getting into the game. This was actually how I started to play as the mighty forces of Khador and I enjoyed the game at this lower skirmish level. With added infantry on top of the Warjacks it's a great smattering of everything.

Did this How To Play help you out?

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