TempleCon 2015 Coverage – Privateer Press Keynote Summary!

February 6, 2015 by brennon

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As you might already have guessed from the great big banner on the top of the site we'll be covering TempleCon by hosting Privateer Press' live feed on both Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th. There's going to be plenty of awesome things to check out so keep a beady eye on the site over the weekend...

Update: So here's what we learned from the keynote speech!

Judas Protocol

The first reveal was another novel under the Level 7 program called The Judas Protocol which will be another neat book from Skull Island Expeditions. These have been quite the hit and I could see this being a cool expansion to the world of Level 7.



Gun Mage

Jackmarshal Mechanic


The next BIG reveal was for the Undercity Adventure Board Game that seems to be following in the footsteps of what Wizards of the Coast have been doing with their own Adventure Games. You play in a completely co-operative experience again the game itself as a team of cool looking heroes you can see above. I want to play the Trollblood Warrior or Gobber Jackmarshal! This is something Games Workshop need to be doing!



Prime Conflux




For those fans of Warmachine there is a new breed of Colossus coming your way and you can see each of them above for the various factions. They even had a fully painted and finished Sepulcher for the Cryx faction to show off which was neat. Each of them is insanely powerful and they all drew big cheers from the crowd when they were revealed, especially the Revelator.

They then finished on a BIG teaser for SmogCon 2015 which is in two weeks in London. Hordes is getting something big and nasty soon but we'll have to wait for that.


Here's how the two days pan out...

February 6th at 10am Eastern Time (ET)

Privateer Press 2015 Keynote Presentation

See what's in store for Privateer Press across all of their games in 2015.

February 7th 12pm Eastern Time (ET)

Gauntlet Rounds of the TempleCon Iron Gauntlet

The combatants fight on to the Lock & Load Gauntlet World Championship!

As we mentioned above you'll be able to tune into all of this on the website so just keep your eye on things and we'll be able to enjoy all the news together!

What do you think is coming in 2015?

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