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1898 Miniaturas Preview Upcoming 28mm Moroccan Infantry


1898 Miniaturas has plans to expand their collection of Moroccan troops for use in your 1900-1925 clashes on the tabletop. Some work-in-progress sculpts have been previewed over the last few weeks that will soon join the mounted range online.

New Arab/Berber Cavalry Charges Out Of 1898 For Beau Geste


1898 Miniaturas has put together a new set of releases for those interested in playing out your Beau Geste-styled games on the tabletop. A new set of Arab/Berber Cavalry are charging across the desert to clash with the French Foreign Legion. 

30 Year War Spanish Tercio’s Arrive At Empress Miniatures.


Empress Miniatures put a some nice figures, in fact they put out a lot of really excellent figures, but what some people may not know is they also act as distributors for smaller manufacturers or in some cases foreign ones. This is the case with a range that they have added to their website this week of Spanish Tercio's for the 30 year war.

Empress Miniatures Now Selling 1898 Spanish Range


Empress Miniatures are now selling the 1898 Miniatures range of Spanish Infantry for use in both the Cuban War of Independence and the Spanish-American War.

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