One For All! French Musketeers Marching In From 1898 Miniaturas

June 20, 2024 by avernos

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1898 Miniaturas have previewed some more Thirty Years War miniatures that are due to arrive in July as they expand on their new range of French pike and shotte. This time around it is the turn of the Musketeers.

French Musketeers // 1898 Miniaturas

The above is an example of three new codes of 28mm French marching musketeers (hats, helmets and various headgear) that will be added to their current range in July. The attention to detail and historical accuracy is once again second to none and these are some exquisitely detailed sculpts once again.

These French fellows look great and the attention to detail in the faces is superb. While they have some absolutely fabulous curls are on display as well marking them out as distinctly French, they can, of course, be used to represent other nations from the Thirty Years War or indeed the English Civil War if you want some Royalists for the tabletop. The models are 28mm metal cast, and 1898 generally aim for as few pieces as possible so in a lot of cases that can actually mean one piece.

These come hot on the heels of last months releases of French Pike and Command packs with mean that you can now proudly march to war under the Lilly Banner and look superb whilst doing so. The packs will also be carried by Empress Miniatures in the UK as well as 1898 Miniaturas in Spain, so despite the B we dare not mention you can lay your hands on some French troops no matter what .

Marching French Pike Available Now

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