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GW Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Thanquol & Boneripper Part Three


In the last part of this How to Paint tutorial for Thanquol & Boneripper we’re given a lesson in how to paint the warpstone, greenish tinted smoke, eyes, teeth, horns, and all the other little details on this huge model for the End Times.

GW Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Thanquol & Boneripper Part Two


In part two of this How to Paint tutorial from Games Workshop Duncan Rhodes shows us what to do with all the armour, silver, brass, pipes and also the fabric of Thanquol & Boneripper.

GW Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Thanquol & Boneripper Part One


Duncan Rhodes is back with another round of painting tutorials and this time he’s looking at How to Paint the deadly Thanquol & Boneripper from the latest End Times Book! This first part focuses on flesh and fur!

Amazing Value: Leviathans for only £50 – Save £29.99!


To claim an additional discount on this Leviathans – Core Boxed Set use the code in the box above! Today we’re blown away with the deal we can bring to you guys. Backstagers can pick up this super boxed set for […]

Save 25% on New Daemons – Orders Over £20 Get Free Shipping


Today we’ve got a great deal to give Backstage Pass holders an extra 5% off the new Daemons on top of the normal 20% for a whopping total of 25% off! Not only that but we have this Deal set-up to work with the […]

Today we have a 40K 6th Edition Week celebratory deal!


Today we have a 40K 6th Edition Week celebratory deal, when purchasing the Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook, Munitorum Templates, Psychic Power Cards and Munitorum Tape Measure together over at Wayland Games, if you enter the Backstage voucher code above, […]

Save over 37% on the Basecraft 16 item basing kit!


The base gurus over at Basecrafts have come up with a 16 item kit that contains the various themes they offer, some bits from winter, autumn, summer and desert, and includes some of the more unusual items like the crystal […]

25% OFF (RRP) GF9 Including Battlefield in a Box


Wayland Games, have dropped a second deal on us today that (if yesterdays deal didn’t) will surely set your gaming tables on fire! for the next 24 hours you can save 25% on all Gale Force 9 Products, including the […]

25% OFF (RRP) Pegasus 28mm Terrain!


Wayland Games, have dropped a deal into the mix that we hope will give your gaming tables a much needed boost! for the next 24 hours you can save 25% on Pegasus Terrain, including their neat Gothic City terrain kits. […]

Save £36! on the Relics Two Player Bundles


Tor Gaming, have weighed in with a mighty deal for anyone interested in trying out their stitch punk game Relics, with a massive saving on three 2 player bundles. What better way to get into Relics than the Beasts of […]

FREE Bushido model when you buy ANY Starter Set


GCT Studios, makers of the awesome Bushido have joined in the Deals program with a cracking offer on starter sets. Buy a starter set and then choose a model from any of their release waves. You will receive this model […]

Whopping 20% – 35% OFF Rising Sun Samurai – EXTENDED!


Fancy a massive Rising Sun Samurai Army? Well today Wargames Factory have stepped up to the plate with an absolute belter of a deal. Let me explain… Todays deal covers the three available box sets for rising sun. Ashigaru Missile […]

25% OFF Battle Systems Sci-Fi Interior Bundle


Battle Systems have kicked off the whole deals program with a cracking deal on their ‘Bumper Value Set’. The Bumper Value Set #01 is a self print terrain set that comprises of the:- Foundation Set Command Room Pack Reactor Room Pack Detention […]