Save £36! on the Relics Two Player Bundles

March 23, 2012 by warzan

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Tor Gaming, have weighed in with a mighty deal for anyone interested in trying out their stitch punk game Relics, with a massive saving on three 2 player bundles.

What better way to get into Relics than the Beasts of War Two Player Special Offer???

This deal provides you and your mate with a starter set and rulebook each.... but both rulebooks are effectively FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

That means you get one of three starter bundles for a superb price when you use the special coupon! That's a saving of £36.00!!

Your Options Are:

BoW Special Two Player Deal - Vaettir and Orcnar
Normal Price £82.50, Deal Price Only £46.50!

BoW Special Two Player Deal - Britanan and Vaettir
Normal Price £83.50, Deal Price Only £47.50!

BoW Special Two Player Deal - Britanan and Orcnar
Normal Price £90.00, Deal Price Only £54.00!

To take advantage of this deal use the special coupon code above during checkout to get the rulebooks for free.

This offer is open until 12 noon on Saturday 24th March.


This time we have a deal that saves you almost an entire years subscription to backstage, but remember this deal is gone in 24hrs! (12 noon GMT 24th March 2012).

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