Get In On Battle Foam’s 4th July Sale + New Bags & Load Outs

July 4, 2017 by brennon

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Battle Foam is running a 4th July Sale right now which comes to an end at Midnight Tonight Pacific Standard Time. This means you have plenty of time to get stuck in and check out discounts between 20% and 60% on plenty of items.

Battle Foam 4th July Sale

US Store

UK Store

The sale isn't just for the US Store as the UK/EU Store is also getting in on the action too so don't miss out if you've been considering picking up some Battle Foam goodies.

If you'd like to check out what's in the different sections then you can check them out here...

...will you be picking anything up?

What's New From Battle Foam?

I thought it would be cool to check out some of my new favourites from Battle Foam too with some great bags for plenty of miniatures, board and card games. For example, we have the P.A.C.K 352 Molle Dark Souls Load Out.

Dark Souls Foam

The set comes with foam inserts for their bags allowing you to store all of your Dark Souls heroes and monsters as well as all of the components too. The same goes for the P.A.C.K 720 Molle Kingdom Death Load Out which once again helps keep all of your goodies safe.

Kingdom Death Load Out

There's a lot more to both of these so if you're interested make sure to head on over to their store links and check them out in more detail. Additionally, if you're a new RuneWars player they also have a 352 Molle Load Out for that game too.

RuneWars Load Out

Last but not least we have one of my personal favourites from their newer range which is the Star Wars Destiny D-Box with foam for keeping your dice and cards all snug.

Destiny D Box

This could be quite useful considering the amount of dice I now have. It would be nice to have it all in one place rather than spread out through all manner of different bags.

Have you been checking out anything new from Battle Foam recently?

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