FFG Announces Next Star Wars: Destiny Expansion; Across The Galaxy

July 19, 2018 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games, hot on the heels of the release of Way Of The Force, has announced the next expansion to Star Wars: Destiny. New characters and more are arriving with Across The Galaxy.

Star Wars Destiny Across The Galaxy - FFG

Across the Galaxy takes things in a new direction once again with a cast of characters that offer up some new tactics and ways to shake up the meta once again. I haven't really delved into Way Of The Force just yet so I'm not up on the game currently BUT these new cards are fascinating.

Star Wars Destiny Across The Galaxy (Card Fan) - FFG

Some of the new characters coming your way include the cult favourite, Kit Fisto. You might remember him from the battle in the arena from Episode II. He is a very dangerous looking character with a great ability which allows for more mitigation throughout Blue/Force decks. It's mitigation at the cost of your attacks which is an interesting way to play.

You also have a new take on Han Solo which is based on the younger scoundrel.

Han Solo - Star Wars Destiny

The first thing you should note is that the new Han Solo is a Neutral character so he can be played with both Heroes and Villains depending on whichever job he might be undertaking. He has an ability which can be honed towards the kind of deck you like to play but I can already see some fascinating combinations coming out surrounding him. At fifteen points for two die, he also has a lot of flexibility.

On the villain side of things and drawn from the Star Wars: Battlefront video game we have Iden Versio.

Iden Versio - Star Wars Destiny

Her dice is deadly as she has no side that you have to pay for. The side which allows you to manipulate two of your other dice gives her a nice way to focus your turn in a certain direction and her ability stops some of the hijinks that people have been getting up to. There's no fooling around when Versio is on the tabletop!

Will you be delving into the new expansion for Star Wars: Destiny?

"You also have a new take on Han Solo which is based on the younger scoundrel..."

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