Ultimate Guard Preview Age Of Sigmar Champions Mats & Cases

October 22, 2018 by brennon

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Ultimate Guard are going to be working with PlayFusion on an array of new Playmats and Deck Cases for use with Age Of Sigmar: Champions.

Age Of Sigmar Mats - Ultimate Guard

The designs have been created to not only show off some of the most impressive artwork from the world of Age Of Sigmar but show off some classic match-ups as well.

Age Of Sigmar Mat #1 - Ultimate Guard

Whilst some folks have talked about them being a bit busy I think these are going to be great for someone who wants to show their allegiance to a particular faction.

This is the one that I'm particularly interested in showing off the Triumphant Smash artwork.

Age Of Sigmar Mat #2 - Ultimate Guard

As well as being a good removal card the artwork is also rather awesome AND it's bright meaning that it gets across that more High Fantasy edge that Age Of Sigmar has.

Deck Protection

As well as the mats the team at Ultimate Guard are also working on some Deck Cases for your cards.

Age Of Sigmar Deck Cases - Ultimate Guard

These Deck Cases hold eighty cards making them a good fit for someone who is looking to carry around more than one deck at a time.

I am only concentrating on Order and Destruction so I know which ones I have to focus in on.

Watch out for their release next year in 2019.

Are you liking these designs?

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