DreadBall Goes To The Fringes With The Azure Forest Pack

January 9, 2014 by brennon

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DreadBall is stretching out into the far corners of the galaxy and Mantic Games have a new Galactic Tour Pack on the way called the Azure Forest which helps you play games in different regions unlocking some neat gameplay effects.

Galactic Tour Azure Forest

Everything out there on the fringes takes a more low-tech approach to playing DreadBall and features the world of Azure IX where you'll be battling against the elements as well as the other teams. The pack will come with a selection of new cards which make it feel like you're playing on a distant world and a new player too. Meet A’Teo Adysi...

New Cards

Azure IX Game

This also brings up a whole bunch of conversion options. Maybe you have a team that wears a more stripped down outfit playing in the heat of the forest? Could they have got so used to playing out there on Azure IX that they have a whole bunch of new sponsors and have started adding tribal markings and such to their suits of armour?

This is a neat direction for DreadBall and I'm interested to see what other worlds are bought up in the future.

Will you be going to Azure IX?

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