Meet Corvus Belli’s Soldiers Of Fortune, The First Aristeia! Expansion

November 7, 2017 by brennon

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With Aristeia! now available for Pre-Order from Corvus Belli they are looking ahead to the first expansion for the game, the Soldiers Of Fortune.

Soldiers Of Fortune

The new set of warriors who are going to be competing in the arena break down into four awesome new characters. We kick off with Hannibal..


"Hannibal, the cunning mercenary leader, has assembled an elite team to participate in the most spectacular and, above all, profitable show in the Human Sphere. With his unparalleled ability to control the tactical situation in the HexaDome, he’ll be able to adapt and rise victorious against any enemy."

He is then protected by the mighty warrior woman known as Valkyrie.


"Valkyrie, Hannibal’s impressive bodyguard, has proved herself more than capable to face HexaDome veterans the size of Maximus. Her terrifying battle cry can freeze the bravest hearts, and no one is safe when she wields her halberd."

While I quite like the guard-stance she's in from her artwork I think that the model being in the middle of swinging that brutal halberd makes a lot more sense for the chaotic action of Aristiea!

We then move onto Laxmee who will be acting a little as your support character on the tabletop.


"Laxmee, the unpredictable Masai hacker, will show new ways to use combat protocols with her military grade hacker device. Summoning programs like Masai Labions summon the rain, she can both help her teammates or hinder her opponents."

Her model also looks rather neat and would be great to see properly painted up in those purples and blues.

Last but not least we have the man with possibly the coolest name ever...Senor Massacre.

Senor Massacre

"Señor Massacre, the incorrigible masked luchador, has overflown all audiometers with his irreverent loquacity and his spectacular fighting style. His enemies learn the bad way that his tongue is sharper than his katanas."

The introduction of these characters also throws into the mix some new game states including Stunned which takes away from your rolls and Focused which helps you boost your rolls.

Watch for these Soldiers Of Fortune coming in February 2018.

"Last but not least we have the man with possibly the coolest name ever...Senor Massacre"

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