Meet The Villains Of FFG’s Descent: Legends Of The Dark

June 11, 2021 by fcostin

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Little teasers have been dropping towards us finding out a lot more about the anticipated release of The Descent: Legends of the Dark board game from Fantasy Flight Games . A few weeks back we got stuck into the six heroes gearing up to save the fantastical universe. But this week, we are going to look at the villains who are going to be causing chaos in the upcoming title, set to be released this year.

The Locust Horde // Descent: Legends Of The Dark

The Locust Hoard are a frightening race with a taste of blood on their hands. With Berserkers harnessing the full skill of damage done to an enemy externally, Bloodwitches can cause chaos within. A nasty duo combination seeking to provide pain and suffering to those who cross their path.

"Touched by the demonic darkness of the Ru and frothing with murderous frenzy, Uthuk berserkers have forsaken drill and formation as well as armor and shield, scorning anything that might slow their headlong charge into the fray. Bloodwitches can read the future by gazing into the crimson torrent of a fresh-made wound. With a gesture, they can spark a person’s heart aflame, setting their blood to boiling."

Waiqar the Undying’s Host // Descent: Legends Of The Dark

Expecting an army of the dead to withhold fear is a given in such a wide-spread fantasy universe. The corporeal villains are ready to strike, with no hard-flesh to penetrate, these nasties will be a formidable battle and will require alternative fighting tactics to take down.

"Untold numbers of ghosts and spirits have fallen under the sway of Waiqar, and he holds many specters in his death-cold grip. These echoes of the living haunt the forbidding corners of Terrinoth and beckon others to their doom. The bodies of the dead may prove as deadly as their spirits, rising from their graves full of hatred for the living. These undead wights retain much of the martial expertise they wielded in life and do not tire as a normal warrior would, making them fearsome opponents on the field."

The Dragonlords’ Legions // Descent: Legends Of The Dark

You may have noticed some similarities between the heroes and the villains - which makes me incredibly excited to read the backstory further. Vaerix the wisdom-fuelled Dragon Hybrid was amongst the list of our heroes to join the game. I am excited to see the connection between the characters and whether these villains have anything to do with the internal conflicts in which pushed him to a life of solitude.

"Now, dragon hybrid harbingers fly on swift wings to announce the return of the dragonlords, using spear and shield to subjugate the free peoples of Terrinoth. Created by the secret magic of the dragonlords, these hybrids incorporate attributes of their dragon progenitors into a humanoid form, the ideal footsoldiers in the dragon army. Their ranks are bolstered by dragon hybrid centurions, hybrids blessed with power enough to rival any dragon. These centurions lead the vanguard of the dragonlords’ forces, terrifying any who stand up to their might."

Descent: Legends Of The Dark // Fantasy Flight Games

That is all of the confirmed villains as of yet, however Fantasy Flight Games did showcase some concept sketches for potential villains entering the game. I am all open for a spear-wielding Golem...

The world of Descent seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and August is approaching fast for us to get our hands on the upcoming dungeon-crawler with a world rich in lore, story and conflict.

If you wanted a further backstory into the announcement of the villains, be sure to head over to the Fantasy Flight Games announcement here, looking at the upcoming villains close-up and personal.

Descent: Legends Of The Dark // Fantasy Flight Games

Descent: Legends of the Dark will be hitting FLGS stores and online this August, as it seems like a highly anticipated month for releases on the tabletop. I am looking forward to embarking on the adventure through Descent: Legends of the Dark alone and solo, however, I may get a few other players involved.

What upcoming villain race do you like the look of? 

"The world of Decent seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and August is approaching fast for us to get our hands on the upcoming dungeon-crawler with a world rich in lore, story and conflict. "

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