Warlord Games Restock their Bolt Action Polish Range

January 20, 2011 by beerogre

Hopelessly addicted as I am to Secrets of the 3rd Reich, any mention of new 28mm WW2 minis makes me feel all funny in the head and light in the pockets.

So... when I found out that Warlord Games are now selling a new range of Polish Sharpshooters... I had to investigate further.

To my delight, I found that Warlord Games are restocking their range of early war Polish miniatures... brilliant!

For me, Secrets of the 3rd Reich [SoTR] is a great small-scale wargame (slightly bigger than a skirmish, but smaller than a mass battle game like 40K).

When you're using a relatively small number of toy soldiers (my typical SoTR platoon has about 15-20 models), variety is everything and the Warlord Games Polish range has a really pretty and uniquely Polish unit... cavalry!

Now this is WW2... there are big tanks and stuff rolling around for goodness sake!

But that doesn't matter... I want horsies!

Of course, they'll be devastating against troops, which is great because in SoTR most platoons (i.e. your army) must buy at least a command and a troop squad (roughy 15 soldier models), so the cavalry should always have a target.

But that's not all!

The Polish aren't without a bit of armour themselves. For example, there's these Polish TKS Tankettes, which frankly will have to be included as well.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Tankette models still have to be restocked... but I'm sure the good folks at Warlord won't be long getting that sorted out... I'll keep dropping by the site and give everyone a heads up when they're available again.

I'm quite excited about getting some of these miniatures, not just because they'll need an Order of Battle (an army list to those not in the know), which I can write myself, but I can look up a bit of Polish folklore, in order to grab some supernatural elements to add a bit of Weird World War flavour... <insert girly squeeee!>

This is my favourite part of the hobby...

BoW Andy

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