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June 6, 2011 by beerogre

It's time for an FAQ about Backstage... so here we go -

1) What is Backstage?

Backstage is a series of shows and discussions that occur behind the scenes at BoW. It's just like getting a Backstage Pass to your favourite TV show or rock group.

You get to visit the Backstage forums and  you get to see the BoW team, along with their guests in a more informal setting. You will get access to some of the exciting projects that BoW are working on and you will get an early taster of some really cool stuff that's not yet available to the public.

2) Why do I have to pay for a Backstage Pass... I thought BoW was free?

BoW has been broadcasting for nearly two years (at this point) and has always been free to view. For that time, we at BoW shouldered the financial burden of providing our viewers with top-quality HD entertainment.

However, rising costs cannot be ignored forever and BoW have never and will never ask our viewers for a donation to fund our regular programming.

With this in mind, we launched Backstage. A new section, where those who wish to support BoW can get to see more than just our regular programs.

Backstage is an option, the only show we have had to move to Backstage is Gamescape, all of the remaining programming you have come to expect from BoW will still be produced and will still be free-to-view.

3) Can I get a Free Trial of Backstage to see if I like it?

We considered this, but the argument was made that we have already provided two years of free content, by which viewers can judge our work.

However, we are a TV and Magazine channel, so we turned to the entertainment industry to get our answer... we need a cinematic trailer... so that's what you can expect to see very soon.

4) How do I buy a Backstage Pass?

First you need to sign up for one of our Free Accounts, which you can do here: Free Sign Up

Then you need to go to the Backstage area here: Backstage Entrance

If you don't already have a Backstage Pass, this will forward you to the Backstage sign-up area.

5) It says you have to use PayPal... are there any other ways I can pay?

At the moment PayPal is the only method we have available. BoW investigated alternative methods, but the costs for arranging regular small payments was prohibitive.

We will continue to look into alternative methods of payment, but for now we've opted to go with PayPal... sorry guys...

6) I've bought a Backstage Pass, but I don't seem to be able to access the content?

The BoW system automatically upgrades your account, once it receives a message from PayPal that you have made a purchase. This may take a few minutes... longer if the site is busy... try logging out of your account and then logging back in again.

However, if you still have no luck. Then send a message to [email protected] and mark your email:


Our BoW Gremlins will try to sort you out ASAP, but it'll be quicker during business hours (9:30-17:30 GMT/BST)... so please bear with us... Backstage isn't going anywhere, so you'll not miss anything.

This is a living document, so expect to hear about it being updated from time-to-time.

If you have any questions you would like to ask about Backstage, or you have a question you think should be added, then email your question to [email protected]

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