Starter Set Pre-Orders Now Available For Bushido: Risen Sun

June 5, 2019 by brennon

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GCT Studios has been working very hard behind the scenes and pre-orders are now available for a range of new Bushido: Risen Sun goodies. We start off with the new Starter Set for the game.

Two Player Starter Set - Bushido

This Two-Player Starter Set comes with a pair of factions for you to get stuck into the game with alongside all the additional extras. The Ito Clan goes up against the Prefecture Of Ryu here with three models a side plus you'll also get access to a rules booklet, token set and all the cards you need too.

Two Player Starter Set Miniatures - Bushido

The set looks like a good starting point for the game. It isn't going to be overloading you with options which is a good sign, offering you a chance to get your head around the mechanics with just a few characters before diving into something bigger.

All of the new models are looking great too, continuing to improve upon the beautiful Japanese aesthetic that Bushido has harnessed so well. All of the miniatures for Bushido are 35mm so they're a bit larger than life too; perfect for painters.

New Faction Sets

Here's a look at the more complete sets for each faction starting with the Ito Clan...

Ito Clan Starter - Bushido

...and the Prefecture Of Ryu. This might be the next step for you once you've played through a few games with the Starter Set. You could paint up the familiar figures in an alternate scheme perhaps and then delve into the others present in the set.

Prefecture Of Ryu Starter Set - Bushidp

As well as those two sets which are focused on the factions available in the Two-Player Starter Set they also have a few others that might also catch your eye. For example, here is the Savage Wave!

The Savage Wave Starter Set - Bushido

If you like your pesky 'goblins' and want to explore some of the beasts from the world of Bushido then this is the set for you. As you look towards additional figures for this force you'll find Oni and all sorts in the mix. Once again, this is a game of colour and vibrancy so this gives you another chance to ditch the muddy colours and explore something different.

You'll also find the Temple Of Ro Kan in the mix if you prefer your monks and want to embrace a bit of 'Avatar' on the tabletop...

Temple Of Ro Kan Starter Set - Bushido

...or if you like the idea of mirroring historical forces from Feudal Japan you also have the Minimoto Clan. There's not much in the way of 'Fantasy' for this force so it might appeal to those who are coming at the game from a Historical angle, to begin with.

Minimoto Clan Starter Set - Bushido

All of these models are just the tip of the iceberg for a game which has really captured the imagination of a lot of wargamers. Hopefully, if you haven't heard of Bushido before you are now intrigued to dive in deeper to find out more.

"Which of the factions do you think you'll be choosing for Risen Sun?"

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