Shades of Spring – Winners!

September 8, 2017 by lancorz

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Welcome terrain makers, scenery sculptors and hobby harlots. This quarters Terrain Challenge has come to an end.

Shades of Spring - Winners!

With the fuss about image services uploading and a lot of exciting events taking up a lot of our Hobby time, we're back in the swing of things and ready to announce the Shades of Spring Winners.


We have the usual suspects judging our entries who are…

There are some awesome prizes up for grabs this time again, with 4Ground sponsoring a £50 gift voucher for each winner and a recognised spot in the Beasts of War Community for the excellence of your work!

Shades of Spring - Best Idea

Vegetable Boxes by Collins

Sometimes when you think about spring, it's often flowers and sunrises. Collins has taken the different approach and added to his past terrain projects with the Zombie shower to create a beautiful survival camp in his Walking Dead All Out War board.

With the addition of the Zombie shower from our last challenge, the idea of adding extra pieces to your tabletop games is fantastic and a great idea as small pieces of terrain for those pesky Walkers to bump into during your games is always handy.

TheTerrainTutor said: Collins planters were brilliant, I loved how he took simple materials, established techniques and a little lateral thinking to create scatter pieces which would be at home on alsorts from a wild west board to an urban post apoc one. I'm looking forward to seeing what he add the the vegetable patch!

Terrainaholic said: Here is an example of really good general purpose terrain. I love that this can work in so many different settings. I’m sure this will be used for many years to come …Great Job!!!

Shades of Spring -Best Project Log in the Forums

Skyoak by tinracer

During these challenges, we get some of the best threads full of discovery and inspiration. Never had we thought of something that would take on so much work and yet, still be fully developed, managed and documented throughout the process.

tinracer has done just that, starting off with some basic sketches. His research and design is on par with professional artists outside of the tabletop world.

He even has a video series where he documents some of his techniques and materials to use in similar projects. With the cool, calm, sultry tones of tinracer's voice, we could maybe have the next Bob Ross of tabletop?

TheTerrainTutor said: I really enjoyed Tinracer's project log, putting aside a truly brilliant and complex build, the detailing from conception, through planning and then in implementation was detailed, well visualised and genuinely enjoyable and informative to follow. Puts my planning to shame! 😉

Terrainaholic said: What an impressive combination of both natural pieces as well as advanced lighting techniques. This piece just screams Avatar!!! Not only is this extremely well documented but even the sketches are pieces of art unto themselves. It’s terrain like this that inspires people to get building. EXCELLENT JOB!!!

Shades of Spring - Best Executed Entry

Plant Lab by soapdodger

I don't think we need a reason for why we chose this project as our Best Executed Entry.

The documentation and planning that went into this piece alone would have topped the charts however what's accomplished here is not only a terrain piece that can be used as a building, but the interior detail perfectly tells the story of the environment you're playing in.

Whether this is to be played with Bolt Action, 40k or Jurassic World, this lab is a perfect centre piece for any storyline.

TheTerrainTutor said: Soapdodgers build was just excellent, the level of detail and the standard of work was just above and beyond resulting in a scratch built piece that easily standards above what's commercial available and actually deserves to exist in the realms of architectural / conceptual modelling. Kudos!

Terrainaholic said: I’m shocked not only at the quality of these pieces of terrain, but also the mass quantity they were able to produce! The clear plastic along with the modern design mixed with the plants gives these pieces a very strong narrative. Whoever gets to play on the tables that these are on is a VERY LUCKY PERSON!!!

Shades of Spring - Junior Entry

Viking Houses by Dane001

Harry, who's eight years old has been begging his parents for a chance to participate in the Shades of Spring challenge. Little would he have known that it would be SO AMAZING as to win the Junior entry in this competition. Harry's shown excellent creativity and passion for his work in these Viking houses, we're highly impressed

Harry's shown excellent creativity and passion for his work in these Viking houses. We're highly impressed as at that age any historical topic would have gone over our heads.

With the permission to raid his parent's hobby supplies, he's really turned these wooden shells into masterpieces of the Mesolithic Era.

Harry's already been planning his next project and we're dying to see what's next in the pipeline. Watch out Mel, you could have competition soon!

TheTerrainTutor Said: Harry really impressed me with his build, to see such good work from such a young hobbyist really put a smile on my face. He's going to blow away those future diorama homework projects based on this being his first build and at least I've got a couple of years before he can have a youtube channel and put me out of a job!

Terrainaholic said: This is extremely advanced for someone his age! I really like the mixture of materials, particularly i love the way the roof looks. Keep your eye on this one…he is on his way to being a master terrain builder!!!

Special Feature

Shades of Spring...Of Death by rayzryr

A notable exception we couldn't ignore was Rayzryr's fantastic pieces of thematic terrain pieces for his storytelling on the tabletop.

Taking inspiration from old school adventure books and Warhammer Quest, he set out to create a list full of peculiar and particularly awesome snippets of terrain to use which would be greatly suited in any horror campaign such as Kingdom Death or Call of Cthulu games.

TheTerrainTutor said: Rayzryr's project really stood out to me because I loved the idea of taking what we would consider small outdoor scatter and incorporating in what we'd usual consider as an dungeon grid structure. It certainly had me thinking about the possibilities and so definitely deserved a special mention.

Terrainaholic said: I’m a real lover of the Easter Island heads and this set of terrain really captures the feel and the look of that. His parts list is extremely thorough and well thought out. These heads would work great in many different types of games!!!

We hope you've enjoyed this latest Hobby Lab Open Challenge from Spring and we look forward to more of them in the future.

Until then, keep tinkering and share your work in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

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