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Calliope Games

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Party Game Hive Mind Gets New & Updated Edition


Calliope Games are working on less of a bee-centric venture, bringing a new edition this year to the tabletop.

Fancy Spending An Absurd Amount On Luxury Tsuro?


Tsuro is a great game. It's simple and easy to pick up and play, a perfect entry-level hobby board game that could easily sit amongst the likes of chess and backgammon on a family's shelf. The game is also pretty cheap. The upcoming luxury version of Tsuro by Calliope Games is on entirely the other end of the cost spectrum.

Draft Cards & Return Busy Commuters In Mass Transit


Living in London, you seem to get your own mental tube map implanted in your head. You learn how to think on-the go, and when your journey gets twist-turned-upside-down, you will know what tube line to get on next without much thought.  Mass Transit is the brand new, upcoming cooperative card game, where 1-6 players must work together to get the daily commuters safe and sound, and back at home. 

Control From The Shadows In Spymaster


You are the head of a shadowy intelligence agency, gathering information to direct your network of spies around the world to complete missions and gain power.

Build A Fantastic Float In Everyone Loves A Parade


In Everyone Loves A Parade, you are a float designer trying to create the best and brightest float to please the happy crowds of people!

Cass’s Christmas Wish List


I love this point in the festive season - the stress of Christmas is over, and there’s nothing to do but open gadgets and play with toys until the new year arrives.

Create Constellations In Tsuro: Phoenix Rising


Long ago, a vengeful god stole the stars from the night sky. To illuminate the night, hopeful people sent glowing paper lanterns floating toward the heavens.

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